Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September 2010

24 roundtrip to Malmo...

Gonna keep this short and all about the pics... Basically I went on a solo 24hr roundtrip to Malmo and back via Copenhagen this weekend! It was hectic, tiring but super fun to say the least... Intense would probably be the perfect word!

Some of the lovely buildings in the city centre

Popped into 7/11 and spotted PLOPP choco bars

Daniel (Monorex / Secret Wars) apartment where I stayed

Some of the strange things he hadat his place

Dan putting in some heavy shifts...

Met the Portugal team and there small team of groupies!

Impala store, run by our main boy Dick

Portugal had a little paint near the SW venue

Start of the battle



Venue was amazing and there was a fair few people in the building

Some dude starting to do skate tricks in the middle of the crowd

Long shot from the back of the room

Team Lisbon cracking on with speed

The crowd vote went to Lisbon



RESULT - MALMO 1 - LISBON 2 (1-5 over the two games)

Me then dead and out for the count after such a LONG day on the road...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Secret Wars x Tate Britain

Secret Wars were invited to do a showcase battle at "Loud Tate"....

Monorex vs. Babooshka (all girls team)

we lost via the crowd vote! ;)