Monday, 21 June 2010

Secret Wars Q FINAL draw

So after a very busy 4-5 months of qualifying battles - we now have our final 8 teams for the upcoming Q finals.....

Along the way we have witnessed some very controversial and interesting results - most notable in the first month when Team Malmo made up of all girls.. went to Glasgow and won hands down!

A huge thanks must go out to all the artists and promoters who have been involved up to now (from all 17 teams)... Without the entire network Secret Wars would not be what it is today!

So the draw for the Q FINALS (AUGUST / SEPTEMBER) is as follows :::

1 - Malmo Vs. Lisbon
2 - Birmingham Vs. Glasgow
3 - Southampton Vs. Amsterdam
4 - London Vs. Dublin

Dates to be confirmed


Winner of match 1 Vs. Winner of match 3
Winner of match 2 Vs. Winner of match 4

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Secret Wars Battle at UPFEST Bristol

After a late start, traffic filled drive and a lot of swearing at the Sat Nav by the female chauffeur (me) we finally arrived in sunny Bristol at The Urban Paint Festival! Hicks, Jebba, Riff, Reeps and I all dispersed rapidly to walk around and marvel at the impressive live art on display.
We soon stumbled across Keefy G (of Secret Wars Brum fame) and Mr Phill Blake; who was painting an amazing piece on one of the walls.
Battle time grew nearer and the guys parked up on the pavement to stratergise and sketch

As 6.30pm approached the crowd began to gather in the main room; all eyes focused on the stage at the huge battle wall. It finally kicked off after Reeps One blew everyone's faces off with a cheeky little beatbox preveiew and Keith explained what was about to go down in true Australian/Brummy drunken style.

The Secret Wars team, consisting of Hicks, Jebba & Riff had decided to mock the Upfest guys trademark robots with organic scenery, neanderthal characters and monkeys ripping apart robots!

But Snub and his team retaliated with a play on words; changing Monorex to Mono Sux.. which meant that Keith had to hold me back from jumping on stage and attacking them in a crazy act of martyrdom on behalf of Terry.

Thankfully no blood was spilled, merely paint! And the battle continued with a larger and larger crowd gathering and trying to form an opinion on what was a very close call between the two teams

The battle came to a close and the crowd was asked to vote; Secret Wars received a very impressive roar from half of the crowd but the Upfest guys on home turf were greeted with a louder crowd vote. Judges votes left the result at 2-1 to Upfest! But there was no denying in anyones mind that Hicks, Jebba and Riff produced an amazing wall!

Unfortunately a full band set up on the stage before we got a chance to get any full wall snaps..

Later that night Upfest was treated to not one but TWO insane beatbox sets from Reeps One who left everyone grinning in awe of his skills.. he even managed to melt Hick's face.

All in all it was a pretty excellent day out.. which left the guys so exhausted that they slept the whole way home in the car!

Ro x