Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The climax.. The eclipse.. The end..
The crowning event of the 2010 SECRET WARS Euro League:

Seventeen teams started out last February and eleven action packed months later we were down to two! The first ever 6 on 6 battle in Secret Wars history on the biggest wall ever built in Secret Wars history - the old tag line "Go BIG or go home!" had never been more appropriate.

Amsterdam's way to the final had been rocky - just about scraping through the group stage and winning their Q-final through a rock-paper-scissors tie breaker. Birmingham on the other hand had been very consistent and impressed in the semis with one of the best Secret Wars pieces ever. No wonder the Brummies where considered the clear favourites..
The Birmingham six arrived wearing balaclavas and two big coaches filled with fans in tow - no messin' around.. Team Amsterdam battled in complete chef outfits and painted on moustaches - all messin' around!

Team Birmingham impressed in the earlier rounds with their concepts and in particular the coherent battle pieces. Its not easy to make different artists with different styles blend.
Unfortunately the 13x3.6m wall seemed a bridge too far for the complex concept chosen by B'ham mastermind Chu. They struggled to get it all done on time and provided the crowd with great entertainment through some frantic speed painting during the last ten minutes.

Amsterdam kept things simple and produced a very strong piece. Going into the judging it was clear B'ham could be in trouble, but some fantastic penmanship was clearly on display. Would it be enough?

After the one-of-a-kind beatbox extraordinaire Reeps One had treated the crowd to his new set it was time for the four judges to join the crowd in deciding the winner..

Lucy, Casio: Amsterdam
Ligaya, V&A: Amsterdam
Crowd's vote: Amsterdam
Ingi, I Love Dust: Amsterdam
Luke, TV: Birmingham

..and that was it. 4-1 to Amsterdam!!

Congratulations to the winners! Off to New York in March courtesy of Secret Wars, among other amazing prices provided by our nice sponsors Reebok, Edding, Casio and Flip Video.

A BIG thanks to everyone involved throughout the year! It has been an amazing ride.

Stay tuned for our coming projects.. BIG things lined up for 2011!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Friday, 22 October 2010

Pics from Secret Wars Semi Final

Pictures from last nights semi final...

Amazing night!! All the teams brought the heat... great atmosphere, and the booze was flowing!

Amsterdam beat Lisbon & Birmingham beat London!!