Wednesday, 29 July 2009


This has got to be up there with some of the best battles in SW history - The Irish really do know how to party and look after there foreign guests (us). When we arrived we found out our accommodation was a two floor glass penthouse with a 8 man jacuzzi, oh and just to make us settle in a little easier the Irish guys had organised sponsorship with Bulmer's Light - so we had 15 crates next to the jacuzzi for some messy nights ahead.

Big up to Andrew for linking this all up and making it happen with such efficiency - The schedule was as hectic as NYC but really well organised!

Over the 5 days staying in Dublin we were interviewed by 2 national radio stations and featured on live morning IRELAND AM tv - alongside painting at DC party and a skate festival called Kings of Concrete....Oh and dropping some illegal graff characters around the city.

The battle itself was intense and electric, the Irish crowd came in there masses and even when the venue was packed (300+ people) more followed (another 400+) and queued outside for hours on end! I saw people climbing over the beer garden wall trying to get in.... Including kids with sketch books desperate for the SW artists to sign their black books.

We ended up going on to lose the battle 2-1 against Dan Leo and his boys but there was not a lot in it and the crowd gave a fair cheer both ways.

Some of Kodax's sketches

The battle venue - Bernard Shaw

Mr Gauky & Sleeps 1

Reeps delivering one of his now legendary beatbox performances

Live on "Ireland AM"

Bulmer's commissioned us to paint a large moving billboard in central Dublin, parked illegally and causing traffic mayhem - we somehow managed to persuade and charm the police to let us stay all day because they liked the work on display!

Themed on "Monkey", the picture shows the two characters filling up the water demon with cider... A slight adaption to the actual show ;)

Graff on the side of the U2 Studio

Gauky showing his yorkshire strengths

The boys working hard buffing my Reebok Pumps at the airport!

Click on Dublin above on the map to see battle post!

A massive thank you to Andrew, Fiona, Dan Leo for making it happen and Bulmers Light for sponsoring all the events!

Photography by Jaysus

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


"The 31st Arts & Business Awards celebrate and showcase the best examples of cultural partnerships and sponsorships across the UK."

Monorex & Edding have been shortlisted for 2 out of 6 awards on offer at this years 31st Arts & Business awards ceremony... This is in recognition to the hard work put in by Edding UK and Monorex on the Secret Wars project.

Looks like I will be needing to rent a Tuxedo as the crowd don't look like the average streetwear crowd ;)

Keep your fingers crossed for us to win one of these prestigious awards... C'mon Monorex!

Thanks to all the hard work Andy from Edding has put into this pitch... big appreciation!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More archived videos - Secret Wars London Final Series 2

A crowd clip from the final last year between Wen & Odisy, which was quite controversial and Wen went onto win!